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Top ten tips for Android 5.0 Lollipop


Google released their new Android 5.0 Lollipop along with their Nexus 6 smartphone and Nexus 9 tablet and soon will be on thousands of android devices available on the smartphone market. Now you might have already got Android 5.0 but there is more to it than it seems. We are here covering top ten best tricks and secret features available on Android 5.0.

According to Google, their new Lollipop is the sweetest OS they have ever released. What they meant by that, is you’ll see the icons and material design has lots of bright colors. It might take a little time to adjust on this new OS, but it does have improved performance on many sectors. These are the ten features of Lollipop that we think are best.

1. Easter Egg game:

In the previous versions, in the setting menu there was an option to see the version of the tablet or the smartphone you are using. Whats new on Android 5.0 is that if you tap on the image of Lollipop multiple times and then long press it a secret game will load that looks like flappy bird but quite harder than the original game! But pretty much fun to play and a bit more challenging too.


2. Search desired settings:

With the advancement of smartphone features the setting available are increasing with each update. Now remembering each setting location is getting pretty hard. Although Samsung already has Touchwiz but Google recently added search option for settings. Simply tap on the magnifying glass icon to search for settings.

3. notification bar:

Swiping down once will get you the notifications and swiping another time will take you to quick settings menu. Although swiping with two fingers will take you to the quick setting menu directly and this feature is available at the lock screen too.


4. Hiding private notifications:

When the phone is locked notification shows at the middle of the screen. But you can hide your private notification from setting> sounds & notifications. Now when the device is locked it won’t show notifications. Although in our view the new ambient display is a cool feature that you should try out first.

5. Flashlight:

Finally Google has added this features on their new Lollipop. Previously user had to install third party apps to use the camera flash as flashlight. Google has taken this into account and integrated it into Android 5.0. You can access this feature from the drop down menu.


6. Data usage checking:

Checking data uses on Lollipop is now much easier and pretty helpful if you have a limit on your data usage. Simply tap on the cellular icon at the notification bar and you’ll see the total data usage.

7. Screen Pinning:

Screen pinning lets you to restrict the usage of the device to one app only. Great feature when someone else is using your smartphone for playing games, or shooting photos etc. Go to Settings > Security > Screen pinning for activating this feature.

8.Tap and Go:

This is another great feature when your try installing the Lollipop for the first time. This option let you transfer all of your staff from a paired device that has Android 4.1 or higher installed via Bluetooth.

9. Priority mode:

Priority mode is found when you press the volume button. You can set up the priority based on which Lollipop will show notifications. You can choose none, all or select whatever is needed.


10. Tap to wake:

There are now more than one way wake up the display. Instead of pressing the power button you can just simply double tap on the screen to wake up the device. This was first seen on LG G2 and Google made this feature available on Lollipop too.

These are the ten best features and tips for Android 5.0 that will help a lot.


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