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Nokia 515

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Released shortly after its announcement by Nokia in 29th August 2013, the Nokia 515 is a feature phone. This basically means it is geared towards the basic function of a conventional phone is which include calling, texting and some basic levels of entertainment.

The Nokia 515 feature phone has some of the following listed features. Note this are the basic features which would classify a phone as a low-end phone, they are:

Deign: Nokia 515 weighs in at about 101 g and has the following dimensions: 4.49×1.89×0.43 inches. This makes it quite small and can easily fit in your pocket and handbag discreetly.

Display: It has a 2.4 inched LCD Display that has 240×320 pixels resolution. The pixel density of this screen is 167 ppi and has a color spectrum of 262, 144.

Hardware: Under the hood, the Nokia 515 has a 64MB of internal storage. This can be expanded further using a microSD and a microSDHC to up to 32 GB.

Camera: For such a low-end feature phone, it possess quite an impressive rear camera which has 5 MP properties coupled with LED Flash, F2.4 Aperture size among other features like Self timer, Digital zoom, Face detection, White balance presets, Panorama and Effects.

Connectivity and Technology: In terms of technology, the Nokia 515 features GSM (1900, 1800, 900, 850 MHz), UMTS (2100, 900 MHz), GPRS, EDGE, HSUPA, HSDPA, Cell ID positioning, Points of interest (POI) navigations. In terms of connectivity it features Bluetooth 3.0, microUSB and SyncML.

Battery: Nokia 515 comes with a 1200 mAh battery that is able to support about 10.4 hours talk time, 33 days (792 hours) stand-by time and 5.3 hours 3G talk time.

Multimedia: In terms of multimedia, the Nokia 515 comes with RDS, FM Radio and Recording option. It also has a loudspeaker for hands free operation.

Other Features: It has vibration, polyphonic ringtones and a speakerphone. You can buy the following accessories for your Nokia 515 phone: a Nokia Stereo Headset WH-108, Nokia Battery BL-5C and a High Efficiency Charger AC-20.

Pros: The Nokia 515 has dual SIM variant option. It is quite small in size in terms of its dimensions thus can easily be kept away discreetly. The camera quality on such a phone is quite impressive: considering it has a 5 MP camera coupled with LED Flash and other superior camera features.

Cons: It lacks Wi-Fi, its camera doesn’t have autofocus function, capture low resolution videos, no ambient sensor to automatically adjust screen brightness. The screen also has low pixel density and low resolution.

Verdict: The Nokia 515 phone is a low-end phone but with a pretty impressive camera properties. If you are looking for a functional phone, that has great picture taking capability then the Nokia 515 phone would be the most ideal. Although it is far from being a smartphone or deliver any of the great properties smartphones deliver, it still will enable you to access the internet with a decent internet connection speed. Hence it can be said to be a good practical phone.

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