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Nokia 208

Nokia 208The Nokia 208 is a feature phone which was announced by the Finnish manufacture back in 03 July 2013 and released some few months after that. It can be classified as a middle-level feature phone whose properties are enough to get a tech-survey person by.

The Nokia 208 feature phone has the following characteristics:

Design: This feature phone runs on the Series 40 UI operating system. With a body dimensions of 4.5×2.0x0.5 inches and weighs in at 87 g. It also has a D-Pad, two soft keys and numeric keypad. It comes in red, white, yellow and black color.

Display: The Nokia 208 has a 2.4 inched LCD Display with a 240×320 pixels resolution. The pixel density on this phone is 166 ppi with a color spectrum of 262, 144.

Hardware: The phone comes with a 64MB RAM and a 0.256 GB ROM. The memory can be expanded by a microSDHC or a microSD to up to 32GB.

Camera: The Nokia 208 has a 1.3 MP rear camera which has features such as Panorama, White balance presets and Effects. It also features a Camcorder with the following properties: 320×240 (QVGA) (15 fps) and records video of MPEG4, 3GP and H.263 formats.

Connectivity and Technology: In terms of technology it features GSM, EDGE, UMTS, GPRS, LTE, Cell ID positioning and global roaming capabilities. In terms of connectivity it has Bluetooth 3.0, microUSB, 3.5mm headphones, supports USB charging, SyncML and Computer sync.

Battery: In terms of battery performance it has a 1020 mAh Li-Ion battery that can support up to 12 hours of talk time, 20.4 days (490) stand-by time, up to 4.5 hours of 3G talk time, 29 hours of music playback.

Multimedia: In terms of multimedia, it has FM Radio, Recording feature and RDS. It can also play the following formats of audio files: OGG, WAV, MIDI, MP3 and AAG. In terms of video playback, it supports MPEG4, H.264, AVI, 3GP and H.263.

Other Features: The Nokia 208 comes with a 1000 entries phonebook, multiple numbers per each contact, ring ID, picture ID and caller groups. It also has various organizers such as world clock, To-Do, calendar, Dictionary, Alarm and Notes. It also support various email services based on POP3, SMTP and IMAP. It has several apps for instant messaging and it runs java applications.

Pros: In terms of pros, the Nokia 208 feature phone can be said to be an average phone with the average application an average phone user may want in a phone. Since with it, you can read your emails, connect to internet at relative fast speed as well as quality call and messaging.

Cons: This phones lack even some entry level smart features such as Wi-Fi, it not only has a low resolution display but the pixel density is quite low as well. Its camera does not have autofocus, it has a very low resolution video capture capability.

Verdict: The Nokia 208 can be classified to be an entry level or a low-end phone only suitable for doing the basic things one would expect from a phone. It’s ideal for situation where there is no need for rich multimedia, no need for fast internet connection and its main use can just be calling and texting with perhaps some few emailing functions.

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