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Nokia 207

Nokia 207The Nokia 207 is a basic phone meant for the low market consumers. It was announced to be launched by the Finnish manufacturer on 3rd July 2013 and was released to the consumer market few months after that.

Some of the features on this phone are discussed below:

Design: The Nokia 207 comes with a body dimension of 4.5×2.0x0.5 inches and weighs about 3.22g. It has a D-pad, two soft keys and a numerical keypad. It comes in yellow, white, black, blue and red.

Display: The Nokia 207 has a 2.4 inched LCD Display with a resolution of 240×320 pixels. The pixel density is at 166 ppi. The colors spectrum the screen can show are about 262, 144.

Hardware: The Nokia 207 has 64 MB of RAM and 256 MB of internal storage capacity. It however can be expanded up to 32 GB using a microSDHC and microSD Cards.

Camera: Nokia 207 does not come with any camera.

Connectivity and Technology: The Nokia 207 can support GSM, UMTS, GPRS, EDGE, HSUPA and HSDPA network. It has global roaming capability alongside the Cell ID positioning. Nokia 207 also has Bluetooth 3.0, microUSB (USB 2.0) and a 3.5mm headphone connector.

Battery: Nokia 207 is powered by a 1020 mAh battery capable of giving the phone up to 12 hours of talk time, 20.4 days (490 hours) of 3G talk time, 20.8 days (500 hours) of stand-by time and 29 hours of music playback.

Multimedia: This phone can play MP3 format of audio files in its music player. It also has a loudspeaker for use without the headphones.

Other Features: Amazingly the Nokia 207 phone comes with a 1000 entries phonebook, and various organizers applications such as a dictionary, converter, calendar, world clock, To-Do, alarm and notes. It even supports IMAP, SMTP and POP3 email services. It has go voice recording features as well as several notifications such as 32 voices polyphonic ringtones, vibrations and a speakerphone.

Pros: There is very little to be appreciated about the Nokia 207 phone. This is because it is a basic phone providing basic cell phone features and services. However, credit due ought to be given, thus Nokia 207 can be said to have a quality voice call connection (it doesn’t make it to the top list more like the average but at least it is not worse).

Cons: For users who are used to using smartphones and other high-end types of phones, then the Nokia 207 does not just about everything you may want from a phone. For instance it doesn’t have a camera, no Wi-Fi, no ambient light sensor, doesn’t support any of the basic apps we are used to such as Whats Apps among many others.

Verdict: Nokia 207 is best fit for a situation where the main function of the phone is to make and receive phone calls. This can be coupled with SMS messages sending and receiving, even though it does support the sending and receiving of emails, much advance user function on the email will be limited.

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