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Nokia 108

Nokia-108Nokia 108 Dual SIM can be said to be the first most affordable camera phone from the Finnish manufacturer. It is meant to be a functional phone giving you longer talk time and basics in terms of advanced features you would expect in a phone, especially considering that the modern phone can support very advanced features.

The Nokia 108 Dual SIM was announced by Nokia back on 16th September 2013 and was released after some few months afterwards. The Nokia 108 Dual SIM features the following properties:

Design: It can best be described as a feature phone with the following dimensions: 4.35×1.85×0.53 inches. It weighs about 70 g making it quite easy to carry around in your pocket or handbag quite discreetly.

Display: It has a 1.8 inched LCD Display with 128×160 pixels resolution. The pixel density is 114 ppi. It also has 65, 536 color spectrum.

Hardware: It has 4MB internal memory which can be expanded using a microSDHC or a microSD up to 32GB.

Camera: The Nokia 108 has a standard Camcorder with the properties of the rear camera being 0.3 MP VGA, which has a self timer and Digital zoom capability.

Connectivity and Technology: It comes with a GSM 900 and 1800 MHz technology and Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity.

Battery: If you always complain of leaving the house with your phone fully charged but when you are half way through the day, you have to charge your phone. Then the Nokia 108 is the phone for you; it comes with a 950 mAh battery, that can deliver up to 13.8 hours talk times, and 31 days (600 hours) stand by time.

Multimedia: In terms of multimedia, the Nokia 108 Dual SIM features a RDS, Stereo and FM radio.

Other Features: Nokia 108 comes with MP3 and Polyphonic ringtones, has got vibration and speakerphone features.

It goes without saying that the Nokia 108 Dual SIM is a low-end phone, meant basically for voice calls, texting and basic entertainment. It is far your ideal entertainment phone, but when it comes to functionality and practicality in terms of what a basic phone should be able to do then it stands as fair as any of its rivals.

Pros: When it comes to outlining the advantages of the Nokia 108 Dual SIM, we can state it is discreetly small enough to fit in your pocket and handbag without causing a lot of space shortage. It also support 2 SIM cards at the same time, which means you can stay connected on more than one line at the same time.

Cons: If you are looking for an advanced phone, then the Nokia 108 Dual SIM fails in many respects. Such as: it doesn’t have Wi-Fi, the screen resolution and pixel density is very low. Its camera does not have the autofocus function in addition to not having any flash light for taking pictures in the dark. The camera also doesn’t have ambient light sensor. It is basically not for a person looking for an advanced phone with great features.

Verdict: If you are looking to have a phone with above average feature and can accommodate two SIM cards, then the Nokia 108 is definitely the phone to go for.

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