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Nokia 107

Nokia 107The Nokia 107 can be termed to be a basic phone having just the basic features that qualifies a device to be termed as a phone. It was announced by Nokia to be launched on 21st August 2013 and was released in the last quarter of the year 2013.

The following review looks at the features which can be found on the Nokia 107 Dual SIM phone. They are as listed below:

Design: The Nokia 107 is a basic phone, with the following dimensions 4.44x.1.87×0.59 inches and weighs in at just 76 g. This makes it not only a small sized phone, but also a very light phone. It has a D-Pad, 2 soft keys and a numerical keypad. It comes in 3 color choices: Red, White and Black.

Display: It has a 1.8 inched TFT screen, which has about 65, 536 spectrum colors.

Hardware: It can support external memory of up to 16 GB on a microSD or a microSDHC.

Camera: It doesn’t have a rear or a front camera.

Connectivity and Technology: In terms of technology, the Nokia 107 Dual SIM can support 900, 1800 MHz GSM. It has a flashlight and a 3.5 mm headphones connector. Its keypad is spill- and dust- resistant making a durable phone even in the most phone punishing conditions.

Battery: Nokia 107 comes with a 1020 mAh battery that can support 12.7 hours talk time and can stay up to 24 days (576 hours) on stand-by mode. It can also support up to 34.8 hours of music playback.

Multimedia: The Nokia 107 Dual SIM has FM Radio function and MP3 music playback option.

Pros: This is the ideal phone in for rural areas with electricity problem since its basic functions of just calling and sending texts don’t consume much of the phone’s battery power, giving it a long battery life between each successive recharge. With a dust- and spill- proof keypads, it is ideal for an individual working in a dynamic and dusty environment: users such as farmers will find this phone quite ideal for them to use while they are out in the field catering to their crops or animals.

With the flashlight functionality, this makes it useful if you live in area with little or no night lights. A thing quite common in under developed nations, especially in the rural set up which are yet to have much electricity line penetration.

Cons: When we look at the cons, we basically can list just about everything a good phone has that the Nokia 107 phone (basic phone) does not have. These can be such a long list, but to summarize it, we can say it doesn’t have a camera, no email client, a very small screen, the screen resolution is at the low-end category, the screen itself is too small and lacks ambient light screen sensor to automatically adjust the screen brightness depending on the surroundings lighting. You can enjoy internet activities on this phone among other many things it lacks.

Verdict: This phone is not suitable for anyone who wants to stay connected, enjoy rich multimedia entertainment and have advance phone applications. It is however appropriate for people who just want a phone for calling and texting coupled with simple entertainment option.

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