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Nokia 106

Nokia 106The Nokia 106 can best be described as a basic phone, and it runs on Series 30 platform with some of the basic features which make up a cell phone. It was announced for release by the Finnish manufacture, Nokia in last 2013 last year on 21st August. It released to the consumer market followed shortly after that.

The Nokia 106 phone has the following features which makes it quite a basic phone when compared to some of the models from Nokia. These features include:

Design: As said earlier, the Nokia 106 is a basic phone weighing in at just 74 g and with a body dimension of 4.44×1.87×0.59 inches. It has a D-Pad, two soft keys and a numeric keypad. It comes in Red, White and Black colors.

Display: The Nokia 106 has a small 1.8 inched LCD screen. The screen has a 128×160 pixels resolution with a pixel density of 114 ppi. The screen also has a color spectrum of 65, 536.

Hardware: It doesn’t support external memory neither does it have any internal memory storage capacity.

Camera: This phone does not have a rear or a front camera.

Connectivity and Technology: The Nokia 106 uses the GSM 900, 1800 MHz Technology. In terms of connectivity it has a 3.5 mm headphone connector and the proprietary charger connector.

Battery: The Nokia 106 basic phone comes with an 800 mAh Li-Ion battery that is able to give the phone up to 9.9 hours of talk time couple with 35 days (840 hours) stand-by time.

Multimedia: The Nokia 106 will keep you entertained by its MP3 player that has simple features of an average Music Player functions. It also has FM Radio so that you can listen to your favorite FM stations.

Other Features: Some amazing features on the Nokia 106 phone include, a phonebook capable of storing up to a maximum of 500 entries. It also has a calculator, calendar, flashlight, converter, To-Do list and basic Nokia games. In terms of notifications, the Nokia 106 has got polyphonic ringtones (32 voices), vibration and haptic feedback. In terms of accessories, you can get the Nokia Battery BL-5CB, Nokia Charger AC-11 and the user manual if you need one.

Pros: The Nokia 106 phone is ideal for rural setup where there are no advanced telecommunication networks such as 3G, 4G and LTE. This mainly applies in rural setups of developing nations where the adoption of cell phone use is still at its infancy stages. It can be said to be a sturdy phone able to withstand rigorous conditions such as being dropped, knock against hard surfaces making it ideal for individuals engage in a very physically demanding work such as farmers and individuals working in the markets.

Cons: In terms of the disadvantages of the Nokia 106 phone. This include just about everything you will find on a good standard advance phone that you will not find in the Nokia 106 phone. These include lack of camera, no internet connectivity, no storage for songs and other multimedia files storage.

Verdict: This phone is not suitable if you are looking for advanced phone features and entertainment. It is however suitable for individuals living in rural areas with little telecommunication infrastructure development.

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