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Best iPhone 11 Case Designs 2020

You’ve heard the idiom “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but can you judge a person by their phone case? One who sports an ultra-rugged disaster-proof case may betray a tendency towards clumsiness or those who sport brightly colored, whacky designs may give an insight into that persons character and outlook. There are more case unique case designs than ever and we’ve picked out the most unique designs so that you can find the perfect case that’s “so you”.


Monochrome Mandala By CaseFace

CaseFace create a lot of unique patterns using simple designs without a background and printing them onto transparent TPU covers. This allows the original phone casing and color to show through allowing users  to create unique color combinations. The Monochrome Mandala case has a simple white Mandala design that looks great on purple or gold phones. CaseFace mostly focus on iPhone Cases but they do offer popular Samsung and Huawei Models too.


Book Wallet Case

This one is for all the bookworms out there. The idea here is to turn your smartphone into a beautiful vintage style book. This is not only aesthetically pleasing but also offers the best possible protection for your phone. Wallets cases offer complete 360 degree protection for your phone.


Electrical Socket Case

For the DIY enthusiast or electrician by trade, the Electrical Socket case is a must have. The unique 3D print makes the back of the case look just like an electrical socket. This protective cases has TPU grips on the sides as well for added protection and comfort.


Batmobile Phone  Case

Quite possibly one of the most detailed phone cases ever created. The Batmobile from Bandai is an extremely detailed recreation of the iconic tumbler from the Dark Knight movie trilogy. This armored cover keeps your phone protected in a menacing design identical to Batman’s tumbler. Though this case is very protective, its really more of a collectors item as it is extremely rare.

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