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8 reasons to wait for the upcoming Apple iPhone 12

Apple refreshes its iPhone lineup every year, and the brand new Apple iPhone 12 lineup is just weeks away from launch. If you are planning to buy an Apple iPhone this year and having a hard time to make a decision, then we have got you covered.

Last year, Apple launched the Apple iPhone 11 series. In 2020, it unveiled the compact Apple iPhone SE model. However, according to various rumors, the Apple iPhone 12 is coming along with some massive updates.

We recommend you to wait till the launch of Apple iPhone if you are looking for an upgrade in tech. In this article, we will explain all that is coming in the Apple iPhone 12 series. Here’s why you should wait for the upcoming Apple iPhone 12.

Iphone 12

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1. An updated iPhone 12 is just weeks away

The Apple iPhone 12 range is expected to launch with significant improvements. It is always best to choose a newly launched phone than as it would offer updated features and enhancements. The previous ones are a bit more outdated. While some features will be maintained, other parts will be updated. Such as the IP68 water and dust resistance feature found on the Apple iPhone 11 range will sustain. So, the new Apple iPhone 12 will not be entirely waterproof, but you can submerge it in the water

So if you are planning to hold onto your new phone for four or five years, you might want to wait for Apple’s latest models.


2. More choices this year

Every year Apple launches three different Apple iPhone models in each series. Last year we witnessed Apple iPhone 11, Apple iPhone 11 Pro, and Apple 11 Pro Max. However this year the Apple iPhone 12 lineup will be launching four Apple iPhone 12 models which are Apple iPhone 12, Apple iPhone 12 Max, Apple iPhone 12 Pro and Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max respectively.


3. Wait for 5G connectivity

The upcoming Apple iPhone 12 is rumoured to be Apples first 5G phone. The new devices will thus connect to 5G networks that are much faster than 4G LTE networks.

According to information from leaked reports, the company is planning to use Qualcomm chips for its 5G iPhone in 2020. In select markets, Apple will also use Samsung to supply modems.

Apple will launch Apple iPhone models with mmWave support and not the sub-6GHz, which are a slower version of 5G. However, some reports suggest that Apple’s iPhones 12 will work on both sub-6GHz and millimetre wave 5G networks. The high-end models may feature both sub-6GHz and millimetre-wave 5G network. You can also expect the advanced Liquid Crystal Polymer antenna (LCP) design can be expected in the iPhone 2020.


4. Wait for Better Performance

According to various reports, the Apple iPhone 12 models will feature a much better processor than previous models. Models up to Apple iPhone 11 had 7nm chip. For the Apple iPhone 12, TSMC has confirmed the release of its complete 5nm chip design Apple iPhone 12. The new 5nm A14 chipset can make the phone more efficient and faster than before. It can also bring small gains in battery life to compensate for 5G, which uses additional battery.

The upcoming Apple iPhone models may also support a new Wi-Fi standard known as IEEE 802.11ay. The IEEE 802.11ay is an ultra-short range wireless LAN standard which uses the 60 GHz band.


5. Wait for the Best Version of iOS 14

New Apple iPhones typically come with exclusive software features. So if you want the absolute best version of iOS 14, you might want to wait. The iOS 14 brings a fresh and advanced look to your phone. You can see redesigned widgets, an automatically organizing App Library. You can also enjoy watching videos or continue your FaceTime call while you use another app.


6. Wait for Better Cameras

The 2020’s Apple iPhone lineup will come with some significant changes in the device camera. Sources suggest that Apple is planning to install laser-powered time-of-flight 3D cameras on the Apple iPhone 12. As per rumours, two of the three 2020 Apple iPhone 12 models will feature this technology on board.

You can expect the same ultra-wide lens design on Apple iPhone 12 similar to that of the 2019 models. Several leaked models reveal the existence of a LiDAR scanner. The LiDAR scanner will improve the iPhone’s sense of judging distance and depth, thus enhancing Augmented Reality (AR) on the Apple iPhone 12.

Sources also suggest that the Apple iPhone 12 will feature a 64MP rear camera and you can also expect an optical image stabilization feature. The Smart HDR functionality will enable night mode shooting.


7. Wait for better display.

The “Apple iPhone 12″ is getting launched with three different display sizes of 5.4″, 6.7″, and 6.1” respectively. There will be one 5.4-inch model, two 6.1-inch models, and a 6.7-inch model.

The leading company Swiss Armour has already released a video revealing the four apple iPhone 12 models and their display sizes. The company has designed high-quality screen protectors with 9H hardness and PerfectAlign™ technology for all four different sizes iPhone 12 lineups.

When it comes to displaying screen quality, we have seen the LCD in the Apple iPhone 11 while the Apple iPhone 11 Pro and Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max featured OLED displays.

In 2020, all the Apple iPhone 12 models are expected to be based on OLED display technology. Besides we can also expect some new features like 10-bit colour.

It will also have a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz. The higher-end Apple iPhone 12 Pro and Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max might come with faster 120Hz ProMotion display. A switchable 60Hz/120Hz refresh rate screen on the Apple iPhone in 2020 is also rumoured.

The faster refresh rate would lead to a quicker motion, smoother and better scrolling experience on display.


8. New design and colours

In 2020 it is expected that Apple might roll out new colours later this year. The Apple’s new iPhone 12 models will come in a brand new navy blue colour, probably on its top-end models. You can also expect the bestselling colour, Midnight-Green, which was first introduced in the iPhone 11 Pro. When it comes to iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max you can see a range of other colours like Space Gray, Silver and Gold. We cannot confirm the return of these colours in the Apple iPhone 12 range.

In terms of design, the Apple iPhone 12 will come with a flatter metal frame according to various reports. The structure would resemble more to that of the iPhone 4 or the iPad Pro with some elements of the iPad Pro 2020 mixed in. It would be very different from the iPhone 11 range.

The upcoming iPhone12 designs would resemble more to the frame of the iPhone 4 or the iPad Pro. The rear of all four phones is expected to be made of glass. You can expect a smaller notch in at least one of the Apple iPhone 12 models.


Up to You!

So now you know the solid the eight reasons why you should wait for an Apple iPhone 12. The upcoming Apple models are rumored to support 5G. Moreover, it will feature a much powerful A14 chipset enhancing fast performance and efficiency. The higher models are also expected to feature 64 MP rear camera with a LiDAR scanner with depth analysis technology. So you can enjoy an improved the camera’s portrait mode and augmented reality abilities in the Apple iPhone 12 series. So, with all the upcoming features in mind, we highly recommend you to wait till the launch of Apple iPhone 12.

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